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Forestry của nhà thiết kế Claudio Bellini

Designed by Claudio Bellini for FURSYS, FP7 is an acoustic panel that performs both as room divider and sound absorber, essential for such an office environment. OpenOffice, which is currently being used by many companies, requires a solution to the problem of noise isolation and visual exposure while having high space efficiency.

Claudio Bellini


Whimsically, the panels called “Forestry” that make up the collection come in various colors, all giving off either a bright and exuberant or a subtler, toned-down display which can be chosen depending on the office’s design scheme. Designed to form a set, each panel comes in varying sizes, properly resembling a sort of visual soundwave when positioned together.

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sofa han quoc

The panels, which are made from embedded cushioning that’s overlaid with soft fabric, can be organized however the office sees fit. There are four sizes of modules, finished with fabrics of various colors and patterns, each panel is combined to form a set. Composition and combination can be done freely according to the use environment. They can be used in various spaces such as a resting zone, lobby, and office.


Project: FORESTY (FP7) / Acoustic panel
Designers: Claudio Bellini Design+Design srl.
Design Team: Claudio Bellini and Rusan Balov
Manufacturer: FURSYS, Inc.